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Do you want to get married but can't find a partner? Are you afraid that your married life might be ruined by the scolding of the gods and stars? Do you think I know something, don't you? You are very well right as we know a lot about you which can help you to fix all the marriage problems which you consider as marriage problem.

marriage problem


Arranged Marriage

India is infamous for its traditional form of marriage but not for solving marriage problems. This system of marriage is known as arranged marriage, where nepotism works at its best. Where most of the children do not have the right to say who/the groom they will marry. If your parents want you to get married then before asking you they will inquire about the grooms currently available in the market. They will search around their family, not just to produce native children, but as close as possible to what they believe is a risk-free family that will make their daughter safe, secure and happy for years without any marriage problems. May you be blessed.

Marriage Problems

The meeting is arranged, sweets are made, and the bride and groom are given some time alone to discuss whether they like each other or not. Mostly they like each other and marriage is fixed. Now arranged marriage cannot be blamed for divorce, because divorces happen in western countries too, that too very often. In fact, India has a very low divorce rate because of our conservative and pessimistic approach towards divorce. This solves the marriage related problem. Explain to me how When there is no divorce, the couple has to remain bound to each other. This leads to suppression of many emotions, which leads to increased hatred between the couple.

marriage problem

we can help

If you are looking for marriage problem solutions like divorce, abuse, violence, adultery, sexual inadequacy, difficulty in conceiving, quarrels, financial crisis etc., then our doors are always open for you. Using our years of study in this field, we can find out which root cause the solution to your marriage problem is related to. It could be a disturbed Griha Dasha, black magic, black eye, and other such well-known superstitious words that cannot be ruled out on the basis of detecting a genuine psychological conflict between husband and wife, which automatically when resolved can be solved physically.

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