Family Problems Solution With Vashikaran Expert Astrologer - Carefully Because Vashikaran is a Most Powerful Process.

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family problems

Astrology Remedies for Quarrel of Family Members, What are the Causes of Fight Between Family Members?, How to Bring Family Members Closer to Each Other Through Astrology, Reasons and Remedies for Misunderstanding of Family Members as per Astrology

Astrology Remedies Of Family Members Fighting

Our family is very important and everyone in this world lives for family. An earning person sacrifices many things just for the family. One bears a lot in this life to keep the family members well.

Have you ever wondered what happens when a person returns home and finds that family members are in a bad mood, what happens when a person returns home to freshen up and everything is in a mess, what Is when no one in the family likes each other for any real reason.

A very big problem in this world is the family members who are fighting for some specific reason in day to day life. Sometimes small things become the reason which later turn into a huge issue and cause family separation. The head of the family is always in fear of family discord.

In this article I am going to explain some reasons from the point of view of astrology and esoteric science and also try to show you the right way to overcome family problems. Here you will find why family discord arises, how planets affect relationships, how Vastu affects family harmony, how negative energy affects family members' relationships.

family problems solution

Let's see why disharmony arises in family members

It is possible to find out the root causes of disharmony between family members and fighting in families through astrology and tantric practices. Some of the reasons are as follows-

  1. Many a times it also happens that coincidentally negative planets come together in Mahadasha or Pratyantar in the Kundli of the family members, this becomes the cause of disturbance in the family.
  2. Sometimes due to the inauspicious effect of a planet in a particular member's horoscope, the person starts behaving negatively and thus creates a negative environment.
  3. Some people do not like interference in their work due to planetary forces and this becomes the reason for fights.
  4. Many times it is seen that after changing the house, the family gets upset. This happens due to Vastu defects.
  5. Sometimes the family gets disturbed due to the effect of negative energies.
  6. If a negative person enters our house, then the family gets upset due to the effect of his sight.
  7. Sometimes family problems also arise due to impurities in the worship area.
  8. Many times it is felt by me that some families are not thriving because their Kul Devi or Kul Devta is not properly worshipped.
  9. Sometimes the greedy nature of a family member also becomes a major reason for quarrels.

Got Family Disputes? Get Vedic Astrology Remedies

Everyone wants to see their family happy and satisfied. The happiness of the family is based on the love and affection between husband and wife. When it starts getting affected, it is not only going to increase the problems of the family but can also affect the professional and social life of the person.

Therefore, whenever problems and differences start disrupting family life, the husband and wife need to work to solve the problems instead of blaming each other. Along with their efforts, if they use astrological remedies, then soon they will be able to overcome all the difficulties.

Remedies to Solve Family Disputes

If there are some problems and conflicts between husband and wife, they should chant “Trayashari Mahamrityunjaya Mantra” to resolve their conflict. The Mantra is as follows:

“ऊँ हौं जूं स: अथवा ऊँ जूं स:


ऊँ नम: शिवाय”!

One can chant any of the two Mantras on first Monday of the Shukla Paksha. If one chants this Mantra in Lord Shiva Temple he/she will get auspicious results.

If you are not able to chant the Mantra in Shiva temple then you can chant it in some lonely place. It will be good if the husband chants this Mantra. This Mantra is mandatory to chant for at least 25 days.

Family problem solution

family problems

Ways to increase affection and love

Many times the love and affection of married life gets affected and both husband and wife start giving importance to each other's bad habits instead of each other's good habits. This is not a good sign for a happy married life. Because whenever such a situation comes in married life, it can lead to estrangement and disputes.

To overcome this situation, the wife should take this remedy and increase the affection between them. In special circumstances, this remedy can be done by the husband. No special method is required to do this remedy. This remedy is done between 9 to 12 in the night. 

Family problem solution

This mantra should be chanted in a quiet place facing the east direction or this mantra should be chanted for a rosary of 5 to 11 rosaries. Chanting of this mantra can be started from any day in Shukla Paksha.

Chanting this mantra for 21 or 31 days increases love and affection between husband and wife. The mantra is as follows:

“ऊँ महायक्षिणी मम पति वशमानय कुरु कुरु स्वाहा”!

This mantra is considered very auspicious to increase happiness and love in married life between husband and wife. Do all the remedies mentioned in this series with full devotion and devotion.

While doing these remedies, the husband or wife taking the remedy should take a resolution that they will not repeat the mistake which has caused conflicts and differences in their married life.

family problems

How to Deal with Family Problems by Astrology

These days one is witnessed to various forms of family problems. They are either perineal or are sporadic at times. Thus, the ancient scientific subject of astrology has been providing solutions to nullify a family problem. Each family problem is different to that of the other.

This could be due to disagreements in the family or a dispute over property belonging to the family. Due to this you will have a lot of differences between siblings and if ignored then this problem can take a serious form. That's why it is necessary to find out family problems through astrological medium.

Now, before dealing with family problems through astrology, one must understand that unlike Griha Kalash, family problems are not synonymous. Since the former is more concerned with family disputes within the family, the latter may be mainly caused by external factors.

For example: Family problem solution may be due to constant disagreement of views among family members. Lack of cordial behavior between siblings or elders in the family, etc., are some of the common family problems.

Sometimes it can happen with the life partner as well. Extra marital affair is also another problem. So it is actually a family problem rather than a home dispute. Since, Graha Kalash will have an external factor to trigger the problem. Hence, it is very imperative to get the view of a learned and expert astrologer on the exact nature of the problem.

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